When to post on different social networks?

You may have noticed that posts about dubai satta king published at different times differ in the number of likes and comments.

This is logical: if you post a photo at two in the morning: you should hardly count on high coverage. While from 9 to 10 in the morning most of our compatriots either go to work or wake up at work with a cup of coffee. In both cases, most often there is a phone and a social network feed.

Thus, we understand that the degree of engagement is strongly related to what time you post.

How to find the optimal time?

1. Use the popsters.ru service. It shows a graph of engagement versus post time and day for individual groups and profiles. Why is this the best option? Because each direction has its own target audience, and if you lead a group, for example, for gamers, it is quite possible that exactly two in the morning will be the best time to post. Be sure to evaluate not only your group, but also the groups of competitors.

2. Take advantage of built-in social media statistics

3. Logically evaluate at what time your content will be most interesting to the user. For example, if your client is a middle manager, then most likely he drinks coffee between 7 and 8 in the morning, quite possibly brightening up this time by viewing fresh publications, but the student will look at social networks around 15-16, after the end of the lessons.

Want to find the perfect time to post on Instagram? Imagine your regular customer’s schedule and stick to it.