WhatsApp will launch a new player for listening to voice messages

The WhatsApp messenger team is developing a new global voice message player for listening to voice messages. The new function will allow you to listen to voice messages from any section of the messenger.

The future player should make it easier to listen to long voice messages, WABetaInfo said.

As the developers explained, it is called global because it is attached at the top of the application. The player will be visible from any section of the application, and the user can pause and turn off the voice message at any time.

“This feature is very useful when you receive a long voicemail message. In this case, you can continue to send messages to other contacts while listening to the voice message, ”the message says.

At the moment, voice messages are only played from WhatsApp chat. If you leave the chat, the voice message stops playing.

While development is at an early stage and is being tested in the beta version of the application. The launch date for the new feature is not announced.