More than half of Runet users have become active Telegram users – research

52% of the entire Internet audience are active users of the Telegram messenger, and 61% of users have downloaded it to their smartphones at least. The number of users has been growing over the past five years. Then their share was 7%.

98.6 million Russians over 12 years old used the Internet at least once a month, Vedomosti reported, citing Deloitte’s study “Media consumption in Russia in 2021”. Thus, Telegram’s audience can now exceed 51 million users.

In June 2020, the founder of the messenger, Pavel Durov, reported about 30 million users in the Russian Federation. According to Mediascope, the monthly audience of the messenger (Desktop + mobile) amounted to almost 38 million users in July (Russians over 12 years old).

According to the study, in 2021, Telegram ranked second in popularity among all messengers used in Russia, behind only WhatsApp, which is actively used by 82% of Russians, and 86% of Russians have it downloaded to their smartphones at least.

Viber became the third most popular among citizens of the Russian Federation, giving way to Telegram. This messenger was used by about 49% of respondents, while a year earlier this figure was 55% of respondents.

In the spring of 2018, the Tagansky District Court of Moscow, at the suit of Roskomnadzor, decided to block Telegram in Russia. However, two years later, Roskomnadzor, in agreement with the Prosecutor General’s Office, decided to abandon the blocking of the Telegram messenger, and in June 2020 it was terminated.

It was these actions of the authorities that became one of the reasons for the growing popularity of Telegram, said Anton Shulga, partner and head of the group for working with technology and media companies Deloitte in the CIS.

“In addition, there was a lot of noise in the information field related to the messenger currency – Gram, which could also attract the attention of users,” added Shulga.

According to him, the increase in the frequency of using Telegram is called by many a “snowball” effect.

“The more people use, the more others are involved. In addition, many companies are starting to use Telegram as the main means of corporate communication, in fact, instead of mail, ”the expert emphasized.

Deloitte conducted its survey by survey method in June 2021. It was attended by 1,600 respondents in eight federal districts. The sample of respondents reflects the population of the country by gender, age and type of settlement.