How to create a Telegram poll

Popular messenger by its functionality has long gone beyond ordinary communication and has become a very convenient business tool that allows you to analyze the needs of customers and do everything to maximize their satisfaction. The ideal tool, which is now available to all users of the application, is the ability to create surveys. Today we will talk about how to create a survey in Telegram and eset nod32 keys.

Why we need polls, and how to create a poll in Telegram
The integrated function to create polls in Telegram appeared relatively recently, it was provided by the developers only in one of the latest updates. Before we talk about whether it is possible to create a poll in Telegram, and what you need to do for this, let us note that the polls are very convenient and, what is important – useful content format. They allow you to increase the involvement of subscribers, determine what is of interest to them, and it contributes to a more effective promotion not only in this messenger, but also on other platforms.

How to create a survey in Telegram: important nuances
To get access to the ability to create surveys, you need to update the application to the latest version, taking into account what kind of device the person uses – PC, Android-based smartphone or iOS. By the way: the function is also available in the web version and in the applications created for macOS and Windows.

As an illustrative example, we will create a survey using “Wagon” on iOS, but note that on other operating systems the actions are absolutely identical.

How to create a poll in a Telegram channel
The procedure is as follows:

enter the channel in which you have access to publishing posts;
tap on the icon with the attachments and select the “Poll” item;
type in a question and specify the options (the site functionality allows you to simultaneously specify up to 10 answers);
when everything is ready, click “Create”, after this action, the survey will automatically appear in the channel, all subscribers will be able to take part in it.
How to create a poll in Telegram chat
To create a poll in Telegram chat, you do not have to do anything extraordinary, the manipulation here is exactly the same as in the case of the channel. Go into the chat, where there is access to publish messages, open the additional menu, click “Create”, select “Poll”, in the opened field specify the question and enter the answer choices, and then click “Save”.

How to create anonymous polls in Telegram with built-in features
Create a poll in the popular messenger can be created both from a smartphone and from the desktop version of the application. To do this, you should:

open the desired dialog or channel;
click on the menu button, which looks like three vertical dots, or on the paper clip icon, if this is the mobile version of the program;
a window will open in which you need to select the “Create a survey” option;
Then you need to fill in a small questionnaire and click on “Create”;
if everything has been done correctly, the survey will be published automatically.
Anyone can vote in the survey by selecting one of the available options. You can also open a submenu that allows you to forward the poll, copy the link to it, complain about the poll, or cancel your participation.

It is important that, as of today, all voting in Telegram is anonymous, users can see the number of votes for a particular option, but do not know who and how voted.

Rules to learn before creating a poll on Telegram
Polls can be added only in a Telegram group or channel;

Only an Admin can create a poll;
Any user of the messenger can take part in the voting and see the results;
You can vote only once in a poll;
Only the Administrator can stop voting.